About Us

About us

Since it’s foundation back in 1977, our company has always been rooted in the belief that every detail counts, especially in the textile industry. Focusing on the expectations of potential customers has let us achieve the status of a highly regarded company world wide. Originally being strictly devoted to the needs of clothing markets, we have expanded our services and products offerings across various industries including:

  • military clothing
  • marketing accessories industry
  • baby carriers
  • baby strollers and accessories
  • OHS industry
  • fire-fighter suits
  • pet supplies: accessories
  • medical clothing
  • orthopedic products and accessories
  • mountain climbing gear
  • backpacks and briefcases accessoriers
  • POS industry
  • footwear industry
  • sports clothing

and many others…

BADZIAK Plastic Hardware

Manufacturing Enterprise

since 1977

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